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The purpose of this wiki is to make an incredibly complete collection of information regarding, magical, supernatural, and paranormal topics. However, unlike other wikis of this topic, it will not only include information about the "real-world" topics of magic and the supernatural, but the topics that are found in the world of television, books, games, the internet, and most importantly our imaginations. So join be on this trip and lets create an encyclopedia about anything our hearts desire, that is magical in the basis of all things, of course.

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Van-Tal Host

Van-Tal Host
Van-Tal Hosts are the most common breed of Vampire (also known as Vampyr and as Van-Tal in the dimension Pylea) was a demon species which could only exist in the physical plane by possessing and animating a human corpse, making them hybrids. They were well-known for feeding on the blood of mammals, particularly humans.

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Dragonborn of Bahamut


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