Anubi Demons
Vital statistics
Name Anubi Demons
Aliases Anubi
Affiliation none (currently)
Anubis (formerly)
Base of Operations unknown
Homeworld Earth
Racial Leader none
Notable Members none
Primary Languages Egyptian
Secondary Languages none
Religions none
Deities Anubis
Body Type Humanoid
Average Height unknown
Average Weight unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skin Black
Number of Limbs 4
Unusual Features Jackal heads, Black Claws
Other Information
See Also Anubis

A race of Demons, they seek their former immortality by drinking the blood of a Witch

History Edit

They were Demigods, followers of the god Anubis, who decided the fate of the soul upon death. After betraying Anubis, the Anubi were cast off to live a mortal life and to die a mortal death.

Decades after their banishment, as the Anubi began to grow weak, they went to a Witch to demand a spell that would return them to demigods before their imminent death. When the witch couldn't help them, they killed her and drank her blood. It is in this way that they discovered that they gained strength from the blood of witches and could live forever off their blood.

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Faith Edit

Long ago, they worshiped the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis, but have long since relinquished any claim to him.

Languages Edit

Being of Egyptian origin, all Anubi speak Egyptian. They are capable of speaking other languages as well, and as most have done to cope with today's world.

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Appearance and Physiology Edit

The Anubi are very tall demons, characteristized by wearing long black robes. Anubi have large, shiny jackal heads with long snouts, blank staring eyes and large black claws.

Magical Abilities Edit

Formerly, the Anubi had a great deal of power. Though after losing their claim on immortality, because of their betrayeal of Anubis, they were rendered as lesser beings, demons. They discovered that by drinking the blood of a witch, they could prolong their life and have increased mystic abilities.

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