Absorb Weapon
Absorb Weapon
An artistic version of the spell's workings.
Vital statistics
Name Absorb Weapon
School (Sub-School) Transmutation
Verbal "Sheath"
Somatic Hold the weapon in one hand, and touch the spot where the weapon is supposed to be absorbed into.
Focus The weapon
Casting Time A Few Seconds
Range Touch
Duration 1 hour
Other Information
The weapon you hold in your hand begins to fade from existence as you complete the spell. With the last words of the spell it disappears completely. At the same moment, a weapon-shaped red blotch appears on your arm.
-Description of the spell.

This spell allows one to harmlessly absorb a weapon your are touching, even a poisoned one, into your arm, as long as it is not in another creature's possession.

History Edit

This spell was developed by Assassin Wizards, as a way to infiltrate places which otherwise would not allow weaponry.

Procedures Edit

When the caster is ready to utilize this spell, they must hold the weapon that they wish to absorb in one hand. Then with the saying of the single word incantation, "Sheath", they touch the spot on their body that they wish for the weapon to be stored. As they are touching the location on their body, it glows red and the item begins to disappear.

Effects Edit

The weapon must be at least the size of your arm or smaller for the spell to work effectively. The absorbed weapon cannot be felt under the skin and doesn't restrict your range of motion in any way. An absorbed weapon cannot be detected even with a careful search, although a Detect Magic spell reveals the presence of a magical aura. The only evidence of its presence is a faint blotch on your skin shaped vaguely like the weapon.

The weapon can be withdrawn from the caster's body at will, when they touch the red blotch on their arm. The weapon automatically appears in their hand. However, if the weapon is absorbed for more than an hour, it will instantly expel itself and appear in the hands of the caster.

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