The Vampire Absalom.
Vital statistics
Name Absalom
Aliases none
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Unusual Features none
Personal Information
Relations unknown
Allies The Master
Enemies Buffy Summers
Place of Birth unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Base of Operations Sunnydale, California
Magical Abilities Typical vampiric abilities of the Van-Tal Host.

A Vampire servant of The Master, he was a member of the Order of Aurelius. In Sunnydale, California he was one of the Vampires attempting to resurrect The Master

History Edit

In Sunnydale, California he was one of the Vampires attempting to resurrect The Master. Absalom confronted Buffy Summers, the current Vampire Slayer, with a sledgehammer during the Master's resurrection ceremony, but Buffy burned him up with a torch and used the sledgehammer to crush the Master's bones to dust.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

An African American, he had brown skin. He also had short black hair, and brown eyes. Like other Vampires of his kind, he could assume a human form, in which he was virtually indistinguishable from a normal human. Though, his normal face, was wrinkled up, in the forehead area and on the bridge of his nose. His eyes also turned yellow, and his canines became the fangs accustomed of vampires.

Magical Abilities Edit

Like all vampires of his kind, he was much stronger, faster, and enuring than humans.

Relationships Edit

Paraphernalia Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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